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Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

by Home Fire Stove on December 20, 2017
A fireplace is a necessity for many homeowners in Oregon, but you’ll also need quite a few must-have accessories to go with it. Read on to learn more about what you’ll need to make your fireplace safe and keep it clean and running efficiently.
  • Screens – A fireplace screen is necessary for a wood-burning fireplace. It helps prevent ash from escaping the area, which could easily spark a fire if it landed on flooring like wood or carpet. Anyone with children will also want a screen to keep them away from the fire.
  • Glass Doors – An alternative to screens, glass doors can make your fireplace airtight and are available in a variety of styles. Heat-resistant tempered glass is recommended for masonry or fireplaces that are prefabricated. For a wood stove or a fireplace insert, try ceramic glass.
  • Tools of the Trade – Luckily a set of basic fireplace tools doesn’t have to break your budget. Choose a metal shovel, a poker, a broom, and tongs. These also come in a variety of styles, with much fancier versions costing a pretty penny.
  • Firewood Storage – You’ll need a place to store your firewood. You can keep it outside you want, but a built-in storage niche is charming and convenient. If that’s not practical, there are plenty of fashionable and functional firewood racks that can be used either indoors or out.
  • Mantles – If you’re looking for some extra display space a mantle is a great way to frame your fireplace. It also gives you a place to hang your stockings during the holidays and show off your accomplishments.
  • Ashcans – You’ll want to clean out the ash each time before you start a fire, and an ashcan is a convenient and clean way of doing so. You can take the can outside to empty it into the garbage.

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