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3 Reasons Primo Kicks Ash on All Other Ceramic Grills

Primo is the Only Ceramic Grill Made in the USA

Primo is the Only Ceramic Grill with the Patented Oval Design

Best-in-Category Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Patented Oval Design Delivers the Highest Level of Cooking Versatility and Performance

With the simultaneous use of two distinct cooking zones, you can cook directly over the charcoal on one half of the grill and cook indirectly with the use of a deflector. This two-zone cooking method gives you far more versatility and control over the doneness food. Now you can cook steak and vegtables together and have them both come out perfectly!


(Direct Cooking)

Grilling & Roasting

(Direct & Indirect Cooking)

Baking, Roasting & Smoking

(Indirect Cooking)


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