Comfort Plans

Home Fire Stove & Grill City works hard to serve our customers and seek new ways to make their lives easier, more enjoyable and stress free.  Home Fire Stove’s Comfort Plans are more than just a “warranty”, it is peace of mind.  Home Fire Stove covers a myriad of extended service plans to gas fireplaces, inserts and freestanding stoves. Comfort plan members can pay monthly, or annually and avoid major repair bills.  If there is a breakdown or issue with their hearth product we are just a phone call away!

What is a Comfort Plan?

A Comfort Plan with Home Fire Stove & Grill City is a comprehensive maintenance plan to protect your hearth products. It provides homeowners with seasonal operational and safety inspections and overall equipment evaluations to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation.

Our Comfort Plan members also receive considerable discounts of services, repairs and hearth product replacements. In addition to the above you will also receive priority service, and service availability as part of your Comfort Plan purchase.

Why Should I Invest in a Comfort Plan?

Peace of mind! Besides all of the benefits listed above, we take the worry out of remembering to have your hearth product serviced. Our service center staff will call or email you to set up your maintenance appointments when they are due.

Why are inspections and maintenance important?

 In one year, your hearth product can run as many as 2,000 hours, equivalent to 70,000 miles on a vehicle. When you neglect your hearth product, you pay a hefty price in wasted fuel, costly repairs, and shortened hearth product life. Having your hearth product regularly inspected and maintained results in fewer service repairs, lower energy costs, extended equipment life and greater safety.

Who Should Buy a Comfort Plan?

Anyone who owns a hearth product purchased from Home Fire Stove & Grill City should own a Comfort Plan. When you purchase a new hearth product, the equipment manufacturers require them to be inspected yearly throughout the warranty period by a professional hearth company and that you keep written proof of each inspection on hand to keep warranties valid.

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First things first.
The Comfort Plan is designed to work with gas (natural or propane) fireplaces, gas inserts and gas stoves. In order to proceed, you will need to agree that you are registering a product powered by gas.