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Choosing The Right Wood-Burning Stove for Your Home

Choosing The Right Wood-Burning Stove for Your Home

by Home Fire Stove on January 12, 2018
If you’ve been thinking about adding a wood-burning stove to your home, you might not be sure how to choose the right one for you. Many Americans have turned to wood stoves to help heat their homes and reduce energy bills, and not all stoves will fit in all houses.

The wrong stove for your home can be dangerous and ineffective. Keep in mind that stoves are only designed to heat a specific area of your home and not the entire house. Wood stoves are more like zone heaters and should not be the entire home’s heating source. Many homeowners often purchase a too-large stove for the area they are trying to heat, and others stoves that aren’t large enough. 

There have been many improvements in wood-burning stoves over the years and they are safer and more efficient than ever before. Today’s EPA-certified stoves produce almost no smoke and minimal ash.

Once you know a wood-burning stove is right for your home, you’ll choose between the three main types of stoves:
  • Circulating Stoves
  • Radiant Heaters (or Potbellied Stoves)
  • Combustion Stoves (or Franklin Type)
Circulating stoves are usually the most efficient as they allow you to control draft and heat output using a damper. Some circulating stoves also have a fan to provide additional convective airflow. No matter the stove you choose, it should sit in the center of the area you plan on heating.

Once you choose a stove, you’ll also need to determine if your existing chimney can be used, if you need to have one built or if you need to purchase a prefabricated chimney. As you narrow down your options for a wood burning stove, we can help you every step of the way, from choosing the right stove to installation. For more information, contact Home Fire Stove and Grill City today at 503-364-6339 or come in during business hours.

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