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Cleaning Your Grill

Cleaning Your Grill

by HFS Staff on June 18, 2018

Your grill gets a workout during the summer when cookouts are king. Whether your grill is charcoal or gas powered, it’s important to keep it clean, so it will work properly and keep grilling delicious food. Fortunately, cleaning your grill is easy if you follow a few simple tips.

No matter what kind of grill you have, cleanup will be easier if you are careful when using it.

  • Keep food from sticking by coating the grate with a light covering of high-smoking-temperature oil or cooking spray.
  • Clean the grate when it’s slightly warm, scrubbing it with a wire brush. Come back later, when it’s completely cool, to clean any remaining spills, so grease and salt won’t have time to corrode your grill.
  • Deep clean your grill once a year, or twice a year if you use it year-round. Use a vinegar and water solution to clean the inside, cleaning the grill with dish soap or oven cleaner, and remove any rust from the outside with fine steel wool. If the paint needs touching up, use paint made specifically for grills.
  • Protect the grill with a water-resistant cover when it’s not in use.

If you have a gas grill:

  • Using a paper towel or microfiber cloth and cleaner, carefully wipe the outside of the grill lid. Glass cleaner works best for porcelain-coated lids, while stainless steel cleaner is the optimal choice for stainless steel lids.
  • For the side tables, buff with the grain, using a microfiber towel and stainless steel cleaner, unless the tables are made of thermoset plastic. If that’s the case, use warm water and a mild dish detergent.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the cook box. Just wait until the grill completely cool, then remove the cooking grates and Flavorizer bars. Use a stainless steel grill brush to brush the grease and debris from inside the cook box into the bottom tray, where it can be easily discarded. Taking good care of your cook box can favorably impact the way your grill performs.
  • To burn residue off of the grill, turn your burners to high for 15 minutes before you grill, and once the food debris turns to ash, brush it off with a stainless steel bristle brush.

For those who prefer a charcoal grill:

  • If you own a grill, clean it once or twice a season. If you are using a public grill, clean it before you use it. To do this, you’ll need a grill brush, aluminum foil, paper or plastic bags, a bristle brush or putty knife, and a fork if you so desire.
  • Remove the grill grate if you can, and clean it with a grill brush or coarse cleaning brush, then repeat the process with the charcoal grate if you’re using a kettle grill. Use a ball of aluminum foil to scrub off anything that remains on the grates.
  • Clean out the bottom of the grill, clearing out the debris into a bag, or emptying the ash catcher. Using a bristle brush or putty knife, scrape off any black stuff you see peeling from the grill. If you’re using a kettle grill, wipe the outside of the grill and lid with soapy water.
  • Put the grill back together, and you’re ready to grill! If you’re using a public grill, consider lining the grill grates with foil and poking holes in it with a fork before lighting the grill.

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