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Fire Pit Safety for Pets

Fire Pit Safety for Pets

by Home Fire Stove & Grill City Staff on April 30, 2018
Summer means enjoying the outdoors, which often turns into hanging out around the fire pit at night. If you have pets, it can also be a bit unnerving if they start to get too close to the fire. Knowing how to keep your pets safe can lower your anxiety levels. 
We know that pets are very curious creatures and dogs are the most likely culprits of not knowing when to stay a safe distance from a fire pit. The following tips can help you keep your pets safe while still allowing you to enjoy a fire.
•    Establish Boundaries – With most pets you can’t simply tell them to stay away from a fire pit. You’ll need to establish some type of physical boundary. That can be a fence that is tall enough to keep your pets out and can withstand the extreme heat from the fire.
•    Don’t Leave the Fire Unattended – One of the most important things you can do to keep your pets safe is make sure someone is always watching the fire. If you have to leave, ask a friend or family member to keep an eye on the fire and your pets so they don’t get too close.
•    Remember the One Day Rule – It takes about 24 hours before a fire is truly out. You should start by dousing the fire with plenty of water until the hissing sound dies out. After that, scrape the logs, sticks, and fire pit to get all the embers. Keep your pets away from the fire for 24 hours because there could still be dangerous hot coals or loose embers.
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