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How to Build a Proper Fire

How to Build a Proper Fire

by Home Fire Stove & Grill City Staff on May 29, 2018
Building a fire is an amazing experience, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Fire is one of the most powerful forces of nature, so safety must be your top priority when building a fire. Campfires can keep us warm, provide light, and give us a way to cook our food. The following tips can help you build a fire both properly and safely:

•    Always use dry firewood – Dry firewood is not wood that has been freshly cut. That type of wood can contain up to 50% water which means more smoke which is hazardous to your eyes.
•    Collect a fuel supply – You’ll want the equivalent of two hats worth of tinder which includes dry leaves, grasses, pine needles, and wood shavings. You’ll also want kindling which consists of dry, dead twigs, and chopped firewood that’s thicker than three inches in diameter.
•    Prepare your site – Clear out a site at least 10 feet across and remove all debris. Be sure you start your fire on bare soil and away from any overhanging branches and any standing deadwood. Use stones and rocks to build a fire ring to contain your fire if you don’t already have a fire pit and have a bucket of water nearby for an emergency.
•    Create a base and light the fire – There are three popular types of campfire bases which are the teepee, the log cabin, and the pyramid. Use a lighter or matches to light the tinder from all sides. Blow lightly towards the base of the fire to provide extra oxygen.
•    Put out the fire – Break up the base with a poker stick and slowly pour gallons of water on the fire and stir it around. Make sure you cannot see any sparks and add as much water as you need. Never leave the campsite until the fire is completely extinguished.

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