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How to design your new outdoor fireplace

How to design your new outdoor fireplace

by Home Fire Stove Staff on June 18, 2018
If you’re trying to create the perfect outdoor living space for entertaining, an outdoor fireplace is a great addition to consider. While a portable fire pit or chiminea is a less expensive fire feature, a permanent outdoor fireplace can be a beautiful and functional centerpiece for an inviting and attractive entertaining area. As you’re designing yours, there are a few things it might help to consider.

  • What’s your style? Your fireplace can be elegant or rustic, or anywhere in between. One of the most common styles is the chiminea, which is a tall chimney on top of a big belly, typically in a Hispanic or Southwestern style. A fire pit is another option, and while it’s sometimes called a fireplace, it’s really just a large bowl, pot, or pit structure with no vent or chimney. Conventional outdoor fireplaces are very much like indoor fireplaces. Just like indoor fireplaces, they come in many different styles and have features like doors, heat controls, and flame resistant surfaces. They’re expensive and require professional, permanent installation, but they’re a striking feature that greatly enhances an outdoor space.
  • What’s the right material? The primary consideration in choosing material for your outdoor fireplace is its ability to stand the test of time. Sturdy materials like stainless steel, cast iron, and cast aluminum are better able to withstand the rigors of outdoor life than painted, thin steel or clay. As you’re deciding, though, make sure to think about the style of your home and the materials already in use in your outdoor living space.
  • How will you fuel it? You can use wood or gas in your outdoor fireplace, but it’s important to understand the rules surrounding your choice. Some locations don’t lend themselves to wood-burning fireplaces, and gas fireplaces must be near a gas line. Codes and zoning guidelines dictate how and where your fireplace can be installed, so make sure the contractor you hire is well-versed in local regulations.
  • Give plenty of thought to the size. Check to make sure the fireplace you want will fit into the space you have in mind, and determine whether it’s going to need additional masonry support. Think about the furniture you’ll use with it, to make sure all the elements in your space are proportionate.
  • Consider the chimney. An outdoor fireplace requires a vent, and if you’ve got a wood burning fireplace, you need a chimney. Typically, regulations dictate that chimneys must be at least two feet higher than adjacent structures, so be certain you have enough clearance before you build.

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