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Outstanding Fireplace Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

Outstanding Fireplace Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

by Home Fire Stove & Grill City Staff on August 13, 2019
You’re finally working on your dream home. The plans are almost finalized but you are stuck on fireplace design. You want something that reflects modern style, but also offers all of your own personal style preferences. How can you have both? Here at Home Fire Stove & Grill City we make your search easy! Check out some of the Fireplace Design Options below that are sure to spark your interest and get your plans completed!

Double-Sided Designs Offer Limitless Possibilities and Double the Viewing Pleasure

Whether it's a custom floor-to-ceiling design or a prefabricated model, a double-sided fireplace could be the element of warmth and style that your space is missing. Double-sided fireplaces offer twice the form and functionality of a regular fireplace by providing two focal walls and heat on both sides — sometimes in two entirely different rooms. 

Whether it’s a vertical see-through design or a pier see-through, DaVinci Fireplaces offers near-endless possibilities from the world's most innovative custom luxury fireplace company. 

Every DaVinci Custom Fireplace™ is thoughtfully imagined to become the focal point of a room, but only with the idea that beauty must be matched with easy integration. DaVinci products are created so that architects, designers and builders can bypass most of the most complicated problems that come with one-off models. They also deliver myriad options and styling configurations that help to make what you build a truly unique masterpiece.

Steel Wall Paneling Sets Your Space Apart

Sometimes functional items are designed so beautifully that they blur the line between architecture and art. When updating the look of an existing wall or adding an extra dimension to a room during new construction, Stoll’s glass and metal wall panels help you uniquely express your style. Stoll’s designers can create endless possibilities and fabricate the perfect solution for your home or office. (Stoll products Available through Home Fire Stove & Grill City.)

Whether Horizontal, Tiled or Vertical, a steel accent wall around your fireplace give a seamless, uncluttered and modern look to your home.

The Clean Lines of the Linear Fireplace

Whether your home is a beachside beauty or backcountry paradise the linear fireplace is a perfect meeting of old world refinery and nouveau innovation. Defined by its slender horizontal proportions and streamlined integration into the contemporary, the linear fireplace is both a familiar emblem of welcome and conversation-starting accent piece. Installed in the living room, bedroom, dining area, or even the bathroom, the linear fireplace is as striking to behold as it is comforting to sit in front of.

Linear gas fireplaces operate with the benefits of electricity, eliminating the troubles and hazards of traditional coal or wood burning fireplaces. Inlaid within sleek metal framework or stately stone, the linear fireplace is designed with personal implementation in mind: chic or sleek, rustic or polished, your linear fireplace all but begs for your one-of-a-kind signature.

(6015 High Output Gas Fireplace available at Home Fire Stove & Grill City)

All of the products and design possibilities listed here are available through Home Fire Stove & Grill City! Stop by today and let us help you make your design dreams come to life!


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