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Protecting Your Fireplace from Pests

Protecting Your Fireplace from Pests

by Home Fire Stove and Grill City Staff on July 24, 2018

Having a fireplace in the living room creates an instant focal point where friends and family can gather. After all, there’s nothing more inviting on a chilly fall or winter evening than settling into an armchair next to a flickering fire.

Unfortunately, this picture-perfect scenario is shattered instantly if a mouse, rat or roach scurries out from between the logs. Just like you, these critters seek shelter from the cold by gravitating toward the heat and warmth of your home. So before you curl up on the couch beside the hearth, learn these tips to protect your fireplace from pests this fall and winter.

  • Seal up points of entry. Assess your fireplace from the interior and the chimney on the exterior of your home. If there are any cracks or holes in the mortar, this could create the access point that rodents and insects need to make their way inside. Seal up any openings you find with silicone masonry sealant.
  • Shut the flue between uses. Closing the chimney flue prevents heated air from escaping your home, as well as stopping pests from getting in.
  • Install a chimney cap. Topping your chimney with a ventilated cap prevents animals from scurrying down the chimney. It also keeps rain and snow out and protects the roof from burning embers that could start a house fire.
  • Be selective about your wood. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, pests can hitch a ride inside on the logs you burn. Store cut wood outside away from your house and elevated on concrete blocks or bricks to discourage pests from infesting them. Each time you grab wood for the fire, inspect it carefully for insects before bringing it inside. Knock two logs together to help shake insects free.
  • Make it harder for pests to reach your home. Trim back tree limbs, eliminate vines climbing the walls, and avoid planting shrubs or setting up trellises too close to the foundation. If pests can’t easily get on your roof to access the chimney, they’ll likely give up trying.

If you need your gas, electric or wood-burning fireplace serviced, choose the reputable team at Home Fire Stove for the job. We can seal gaps and cracks in your chimney and install rodent deterrents to keep your fireplace free of pests this fall and winter. Your safety and comfort are our number-one priorities, so we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied before we deem the job complete.

Visit us in Salem today, or give us a call at 503-364-6339 to learn more or to schedule fireplace service.


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