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Winter is Coming! Are You Ready?

Winter is Coming! Are You Ready?

by Home Fire Stove & Grill City Staff on June 25, 2019
We’ve been there before. Winter is in full-swing. Our gutters are cleaned and ready for the months of rain to follow, we installed more energy efficient windows to lock in the heat and keep out the cold. We have updated our capsule wardrobe to the warmer colors of Fall and Winter. We even bought some “wellies” – rain boots just in case, but still, something is missing.  

That dreadful feeling usually hits mid-fall for those of us in the Pacific Northwest. In all of our Summer prep work, we missed one vital task to all of our cold-weather preparations – we forgot to have our fireplace or stove serviced.  We all know how that feels, to call the fireplace store that we purchased our product from, only to find out that they are booked up and can’t squeeze us in for a few weeks! A few weeks without the added warmth of the stove or fireplace means bundling up, turning up the thermostat, paying more on our energy bills and being overall grouchy if our fireplace or stove is our main heat source.
Save Yourself the Hassle, and Save Yourself Some Money!
Home Fire Stove & Grill City has got you covered!  We offer discounts to all the summer preppers out there. If you have had your fill of cold winters and want to ensure that your fireplace works like a charm and keeps your family warm this fall and winter, today is the day to get your fireplace or stove serviced! It’s easy, we recommend having your hearth product serviced once a year, and if you purchased your fireplace, stove or insert from Home Fire Stove & Grill City, we will take great care of you!

Here is What Home Fire Stove & Grill City can do TODAY to get you ready for winter!

1.  For Gas Units, we:
  • Check voltages/gas pressure as required
  • Touch up paint, interior & exterior
  • Clean all gas orifices & burner ports
  • Light pilot
  • Refresh embers
  • Clean glass
  • Replace remote receiver & transmitter batteries
  • Clean blower assembly (if equipped)
  • Check/adjust flame height & picture
  • Check/verify log placement
  • Check operation of fireplace/insert/stove

2. For Pellet Units, we:
  • Interior/exterior cleaning
  • Clean/sweep exhaust flue
  • Clean/Inspect pellet hopper
  • Check ignitor (if equipped)
  • Clean combustion & exhaust blowers
  • Check operation of unit
Give us a call today and get your family ready for winter! 503-364-6339

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