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Nothing brings ambiance and warmth to a room like a freestanding stove or stove insert. Today’s stoves are available in wood, gas, pellet and electric heat sources, with large or small options. They provide clean, high-efficiency heating as well as a rustic and cozy atmosphere. Our wood, gas, electric, and pellet stoves are a powerful and environmentally-friendly heat source in a traditional or contemporary design.

One of the first qualities to note about our large and small modern stoves is that they produce a great deal of heat, but cost less to operate than earlier models. Our wood, electric, pellet, and gas Stoves can be three-sided to allow viewing from almost anywhere in the room or even come in see-through for viewing into another room. A small-sized stove heats up to 1,000 square feet while large stoves heat up to 3,000 square feet.

Well-designed stoves can remove up to 100% of combustion exhaust and fumes from your home. If you’re looking for a sealed heat source with optimal heat, energy conservation, and good air quality, a wood, electric, gas or pellet stove in Salem may be the perfect fit.

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Stoves are available in:

BENEFITS: Natural and available. Wood can supplement furnace usage and reduce heating costs up to 30%.
FIRE CHARACTERISTICS: Expect robust, steady fires. Today’s wood products deliver powerful heating performance and efficiency.
FIRE STARTING: Paper, kindling, and a fire-starting log are effective.
TYPE OF HEAT: Adding more fuel will immediately increase convective heat. Radiant heat will remain steady.
FUEL STORAGE & HANDLING: Dry storage is important. A cord of wood is stacked 4’x4’x8′. On average, a 1,500 sq. ft. home will require 2-4 cords per season.

BENEFITS: Convenience. Quickly turn the fire on or off, adjust flame height and fire intensity.
FIRE CHARACTERISTICS: Gas fires are consistent and controllable by design. You choose the fire’s intensity.
FIRE STARTING: Flip a switch or grab your remote. It’s that easy.
TYPE OF HEAT: Enjoy a steady mix of radiant and convective heat.
FUEL STORAGE & HANDLING: Fed through a pipeline or delivered to your home and stored in an outside tank.

BENEFITS: Extremely reliable heat. No gas or wood to purchase. No venting required. Install almost anywhere.
FIRE CHARACTERISTICS: A unique, hypnotic glow with no actual flames.
FIRE STARTING: Use an outlet or have the unit hardwired. Then, simply flip a switch or grab your remote.
TYPE OF HEAT: Electric fireplaces produce radiant heat—and you completely control the heat output.
FUEL STORAGE & HANDLING: Electric fireplaces are extremely hassle-free and don’t require any fuel storage.

BENEFITS: Clean-burning and consistent. Pellets are affordable, available and renewable.
FIRE CHARACTERISTICS: Active and robust. A small fire can burn an inch high, while a powerful 10-inch blaze is bright and intense.
FIRE STARTING: Automatic thermostats and temperature controls do the work for you—just keep your hopper filled.
TYPE OF HEAT: Most of the heat is convectional—blown through a heat exchanger and out into the home.
FUEL STORAGE & HANDLING: Pellets are normally available in 40 lb. bags. A 1,500 sq. ft. home will use 2-4 tons per season, on average.

Information courtesy of Heat n Glo

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